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Health & Safety

KASTHEW Construction Uganda Ltd,

places high premium on matters relating to Environment, Health and Safety (EHS). The Company operates a carefully formulated and robust EHS Policy.

KASTHEW Construction Uganda Ltd

is committed to actions geared towards promoting the good health and welfare of employees, provision of safe working conditions and protection/conservation of the environment. In the course of our construction activities, adequate measures are in place to prevent accidents, injuries, pollution and adverse effects on the Environment.

The company’s EHS Policy is the basis of our Environment, Health and Safety Management System, which provides a framework for setting our EHS objectives and targets.

Issues relating to Environment, Health and Safety are methodologically approached through a structured risk assessment program while identified hazards and impacts are promptly resolved.

Our goal is to keep our workers safe and healthy. We care for the Environment and strive to keep our world and the planet clean.

Leading Demolition Solutions

Heavy Industrial Demolition
Kasthew Demolition and Construction is an experienced demolition contractor implementing large and technically challenging projects within the demolition, construction, and Civil Works sectors throughout East Africa. We offer a professional, innovative approach in both contracting and consulting services. Our team's expert knowledge of heavy industrial demolition translates into delivering safe, effective results on time and on budget. Kasthew's senior management team has over 15 years experience in the demolition sector and is experienced in mobilising crews and machinery.

Building Demolition
We at Kasthew Demolition & Construction remove homes, apartment buildings and large downtown buildings with finesse – and with minimal impact on the neighborhood. Avoid pre-construction headaches by letting Elder Demolition take the lead. Call us today to learn more about our demolition services.

Commercial Demolition Services
Commercial properties are built to last and are rarely constructed in open fields. At Elder Demolition, extracting buildings from tight spaces is our specialty. From demolishing an office building in a busy downtown district to removing the center of a paper mill in operation, our crews and precision tools remove buildings with minimal impact to the surrounding area.

Earth Work Services
We are delighted to offer all clients a complete package of earthwork services for all their commercial, residential, and industrial projects. Whether you are seeking general shallow excavations for your parking lot, building foundations, pools, ponds, culverts, or any underground installation of utilities, we are here to fulfill all of your needs in a reliable, affordable, and timely way.

Main Services

what we do

1. Clearing & Removal Uganda
2. Earth-works services Uganda
3. Building Destruction & Dismantling
4. Rock-Blasting
5. Building Construction
6. Reinforced Concrete removal
7. Access Roads Grading Services
8. Land Grading
9. Landscaping- Soil Compactors
10. Backhoe Loaders Uganda


To be the region’s leading Demolition, construction & environmental assessment consultant.


To offer highly competitive consultancy services in Drilling, demolition, construction, site clearing, rock blasting e.t.c using new and innovative technology that meets the total needs of our clients.

Call Us : +256 704 032 414 / +256 781 580 278
KASTHEW Construction Uganda Ltd has developed into a full-service construction company, establishing itself as a leader in the civil works sector across the Ugandan and Rwandan markets. Kasthew Construction Uganda Ltd operates within Ugandan & Rwanda’s (East Africa), and hopes to open up branches in Tanzania and Burundi soon.

Services Offered

  • Water Borehole Drilling


To offer highly competitive consultancy services in Drilling, demolition, construction, site clearing, rock blasting e.t.c using new and innovative technology that meets the total needs of our clients.


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