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East Africa

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Building Demolition - services



KASTHEW Demolishing & Excavation Co. Uganda Ltd. was founded in the early 2014 with a team of key professional personnel, all of whom had previously worked on large & small city building demolition projects in Uganda.


The company has now grown to include several building demolition services and civil works to the engineering & construction sector in Uganda.


Demolition is an exacting science. Every aspect of an assignment is studied carefully to ensure safety, efficiency, and timeliness. We are committed to provide a safe and healthy workplace, and we comply with relevant EPA regulations and local council conditions.


TEL/ WATSUP: +256781580278, +256781580278
EMAIL: info@kasthew-construction.com


    We offer the following services in Uganda (East Africa):

  • Building Demolition Services - Uganda
  • Site Clearing - Uganda
  • Site Excavation - Uganda
  • Demolition by controlled explosives - Uganda
  • Rock-Blasting - Uganda
  • Mechanical demolition - Uganda
  • Heavy industrial demolition - Uganda
  • Reinforced Concrete removal - Uganda
  • Earthworks and Civil Works - Uganda
  • Rehabilitation
  • Access Roads


Site Excavation- services

KASTHEW Demolishing & Excavation Co. Uganda Ltd. fills a unique gap in the Ugandan Civil Engineering and Building sectors, offering reputable and reliable site-clearing & land-excavation services based upon outstanding professional service and impeccable attention to detail.

We have been leaders in bulk and detailed excavation, site remediation, shoring, piling, anchors, shotcrete, and capping beams. We are experts in sand and hard rock excavation, and have the talent and tools to saw rock faces, and prepare perimeter trenches for water drainage.

TEL/ WATSUP: +256781580278, +256781580278
EMAIL: info@kasthew-construction.com


Building Demolition Services - Uganda
Building construction construction
Site Clearing - Uganda
Site Excavation - Uganda
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